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SydenHus - Your realestate broker at Costa Blanca

The real estate company SydenHus was established on the Costa Blanca as early as 1995. During this time we have sold around 900 homes, mainly to Scandinavians. The most popular areas have been and still are from Alicante in the north to La Manga in the south. The company's founder is Knut Andresen and he still has a great influence in the company. We are very proud to be one of the few, if not the only, to offer a comprehensive concept in Spain. It is not only selling properties that are important to us, but we also help our clients with everything they need in Spain. We do this through our sister company, the Service Center. Here, a Spanish lawyer is employed as well as several Scandinavian-speaking administrators who, among other things, help with the legalities in a property purchase and ensure that everything complies with Spanish laws and regulations fully. Many people know about the financial crisis in 2008, when prices fell quite dramatically, up to 40% in some places! Prices have stabilized after that and we see a price increase again. Take a look at our homes where you will find a large selection of new and used homes. In addition to this, we also have more housing through our partners. Please send us an inquiry about what you are looking for. When you shop through SydenHus you always make a safe deal!

Viewing trips

SydenHus organizes viewing trips continuously. The vast majority of our customers have begun the process of a tour to familiarize themselves with areas and housing types. We know that it is difficult to form an opinion based only on pictures, so it is good to go down and see the surroundings and housing before you decide. Our tour tours are known to be relaxing and calm, without any purchase requirements. You get plenty of own time, and you also get the opportunity to see what others are offering to compare our prices. Here we play with open cards and have nothing to hide. When you buy a used home, we are happy to arrange a meeting between you and the current owner so you can ask any questions, and when you buy a newly built property you will of course meet the developer as well. When you have decided on a tour, please contact us first to book your dates. Then you book and pay for your air ticket and your hotel yourself. If you then choose to buy a home through us, we will pay back your costs for flights and accommodation. Of course, we assist with booking if you wish. When you arrive in Spain, we will pick you up at the airport and drive you to the hotel. You will get more details about the tour when we book.